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Hot Tar Crack Filling of Asphalt Pavement

  • Clean out cracks of dirt , debris, and dust and depending on the size there are many types of crackfiller 

  • There are such things as surface cracks which are not cracked in the blacktop and sealer will fill those in

  • Then there is a latex or rubberized crackfiller you can use after crack is cleaned and should be width of pinky finger , then fill the crack till it rises above then scrape it level

  • For major cracks we use a parking lot supreme hot tar heated to 400 degrees and fill the entire crack. Then we dust the tar with our own mix of TRUDUST which covers the crack and leaves it white , then we reblow the area off so that the dust is stuck to the tar then we apply the sealer . The purpose of our dust is to make the tar non stick to foot traffic and tires unlike others who just sprinkle sand 

  • Finally we have those cracks that are everywhere like alligators back or a puzzle we call them alligator cracks.  Those can be so bad they might need cut out and re patched costing thousands . That's where gator pave cones in. It's a liquid blacktop emulsion designed to penetrate down to the bottom of cracks and harden all the way up to top leaving a dark black solid film where the cracks were . Then we apply the sealer and it's like they disappeared.

No More Asphalt Cracks

New Curb Appeal Brings More Clients

A local Law Firm purchased this office building in a prime location, but the parking lot gave off a bad first impression.


Trucoat made the outside looks as good as the inside!

Some cracks are too extensive to use traditional crack filling techniques. For those, we count on GatorPave to fill an area of shallow depressions, pits and cracks.

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